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We understand the needs of our customers very much that our investment plans covers the widest range of benefits.

Apexduetrader a safe and secured option, which ensures steady growth on your investments with daily returns on an ongoing basis with no hustle and instantly



  • What is the main Limited activity?

    Our business is traditional and cryptocurrency Forex trading which is one of the largest currency markets in the world. our clients invest in our tariff plans and we implement them due to detailed analytics and exact forecasting to make profits.

  • How to start investments?

    To do this you need to register on the site, make the first deposit and choose one of the offered tariff plans. Start investing can every adult person regardless of a nationality or location.

  • What payment systems are available on the site?

    You can use Payeer, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum. but now we only accept bitcoin

  • Why do you trade only on skyedgeholdings?

    We care about the safety of our clients’ investments, so we trade only on verified markets. Currently, the Forex market is the most secure and profitable financial and currency stock exchange as well for the company as for investors.

  • How many accounts can I have?

    A user can have only one account. Administration of the site has a right to block an additional account with all the funds.

  • What is a deposit amount?

    You can invest any amount from 20 USD to 100,000 USD

  • Can I reinvest my income?

    When a tariff plan is over instant withdraw is not required. You can reinvest your income in the tariff plans again.

  • Can I invest without depositing?

    Form your own investment capital having money by participating in our referral program.

  • Is there a risk to lose money?

    A risk always exists as in any other business sphere. Our specialists constantly monitor market tendencies, analyze currency rates and forecast their changes in order to minimize the risks and get as high profits as it is possible.

  • What is minimal withdraw amount?

    You can transfer any amount from the site but not less than 1 USD for Perfect Money, Payeer and 5 USD for crypto payment systems.

  • What payment type is on the site?

    There is a INSTANT type on the site. The money will be transferred to your payment system account Instantly or max 5-8 hours.

  • Do you have a referral program?

    Yes, on the site is available a two-level referral program: 8% and 1% from every new investor’s deposit amount.

  • Who can participate in referral program?

    Every registered user can participate in the referral program.

  • how many referral links can I have?

    Every user receives only one referral link. Changing it or getting several ones are not allowed.

  • Can I withdraw my referral income?

    Yes, you can regularly withdraw your referral income or use it like investments.

  • When will I get profits?

    As soon as an invited user makes the first deposit, a part of the funds will be transferred to your account.